How to start home business in Qatar

How to start home business in Qatar

Developing business in Qatar is enticing and a dream come true for many business investors all around the world. However, home business in Qatar seems to be a current trend in corporate world. This is because worldwide Covid-19 pandemic changed the usual scenario and Qatar felt this terrible heat as well.

The virus outbreak paused international traveling and commercial migration opportunities, leaving everyone locked at their home. This left one path open for many new business opportunists and startup owners in Qatar and that is home business setup.  

Right now starting home business in Qatar seems to be the safest way to begin your corporation. With this in mind, in this article we will learn about the benefits of home business and will explain how to start a business in Qatar.

Benefits of home business in Qatar

You must be thinking why we need home business; we can start traditional company right after the pandemic ends. Well, so far we still don’t have any idea when this worldwide covid-19 terror will end. People all around the world are still dying from this virus. Qatari authority is also much concern about resident’s health. To top up with that, international ports are still closed.

Right now if you have decided to wait for the right time to start traditional style business, you are simply wasting your time, saved capital and resources. Here is the list of advantages that you can enjoy when starting home business in Qatar in current time.

Advantages of home business:

  • Saves commuting time
  • Less money for business startup
  • Save expenses of commercial premises such as property taxes, mortgages, utilities and maintenance
  • Work flexibility
  • Big chunk of commercial tax exemptions
  • Less chance of virus outbreak in the community
  • More time for family
  • You got to keep all the profits you earned in your business
  • No risk of office conspiracy and office contradictions and many more.

Steps to start home business in Qatar

The steps to start home business in Qatar is relatively easier when compared with the other form of business for instance limited liability company in Qatar; this is because the requirements are pretty straight forward and easier to follow. Here are two most pre-requirements you need to fulfill in order to be eligible for home business startup in Qatar:

  1. The individual who want to start a home business in Qatar must be at his/her eligible age limit, which is at least 18 years of age.
  2. The applicant can be either a resident or owner of the house from where the business will be conducted. However, the individual person can be from any nation residing in this country for business purpose.  Incase rented, an approval of the tenant owner along with valid commercial registration is a must need to apply for the business license registration process.

If you think that you can fulfill these two pre-requirements, the next step is the business setup requisitions. Below are the home based business setup requirements:

  • The initial step is to get in touch with an expert business registration consultant who will guide you throughout your business setup process.
  • Next, you need to obtain a business license. If you have already passed the two eligible criteria mentioned above, you can easily apply for the business license from Minister of Economy & Commerce (MEC).
  • Once license is ready and obtained, you need to pay a onetime annual license fee which is QAR 1020. For home business, each license will be registered for only one house address.
  • Home business owner is not allowed to recruit workers or employees to his/her business. This means that you cannot recruit employee to this type of business in Qatar and have to run all by your.
  • Another limitation of home business in Qatar is that once started, your business will be involved in direct sales activity with the customers’ right from the home.

So, in summary, all it need is a business license and tenant agreements to run your own home business in Qatar. As mentioned before, this type of business has various flexibilities and opportunities, especially in current scenario where Covid-19 pandemic have limited the whole social behavior all around Qatar and the world.

However, now you have already learned about few limitations of starting home business in Qatar; for instance, this type of business doesn’t permit employee recruitments and secondly, the transaction and distribution scope is also very narrow in home businesses.

Moreover, if you want corporate environment, this type of business cannot give you that, especially when living with your family in Qatar. Lastly, if you dream for a corporate team or colleagues, home business in Qatar cannot give you that either.