Opportunities and Challenges for Doing Business in Mauritius

Doing Business in Mauritius
CapitalPort Louis
Population1.2 million, consisting of people of Indian, Chinese, European and African origin
Main LanguageEnglish (official language) and French
Time ZoneGMT +4 hours
GDPUS$ 8.24 billion
Real GDP Growth3.1 %
GDP/CapitaUS$ 7,500
GDP breakdownReal Estate, Renting and Business Activities12%
Financial intermediation12%
Other Services39%
Export PartnersUK (27%), France (16.6%), US (8.3%), Madagascar (6.4%), Italy (5.5%)
Import PartnersIndia (18.7%), China (12.6%), France (11.7%), South Africa (8.7%), Australia (2.8%), Thailand (2.6%)

In the course of recent years, Mauritius has advanced from a mono-crop sugar-ruled economy to a complex and enhanced administration arranged one. The tertiary area at present records for 70% of GDP. While customary development areas like the travel industry and assembling keep on being solid, numerous different open doors have emerged in arising areas with the possibility to turn out to be the upcoming monetary columns. This quick progress to a developed economy, one to have graduated to center pay status, comes as a promising consequence of sound financial administration combined with a dream to succeed divided among the public authority, the business network, and common society on the loose.

Mauritius has an interesting business cordial climate alongside a solid venture atmosphere that makes it an alluring speculation objective. The financial specialist would now be able to set up his business inside three working days. Speculators and experts profit from a problem free climate where pay and corporate assessment are fit at just 15%. Under the Companies Act, organizations can be in the accompanying structures: under an independently employed action, as an association with Mauritian nationals or a 100% unfamiliar claimed organization under the Companies Act. The Registrar of Companies is the authority with which any business should enroll prior to beginning tasks. An extraordinary business enlistment number and enrollment card is conveyed inside 3 days.

Mauritius offers business opportunities in the following sectors:

10 good reasons to do business in Mauritius:

6 good reasons to do business in Mauritius
6 good reasons to do business in Mauritius
  • Corporate and personal duty of 15%
  • Tax exempt profits
  • No capital increases charge
  • Up to 100% unfamiliar possession
  • Exclusion from customs obligation on gear
  • Free bringing home of benefits, profits and capital
  • No base unfamiliar capital required
  • half yearly remittance on declining balance for the acquisition of electronic and PC gear
  • Twofold Tax Avoidance Agreements with 34 nations.
  • Business working expenses stay reasonable contrasted with other arising business focuses of the world.

10 good reasons to invest in Mauritius:

  • Social and political solidness
  • A solid and differentiated economy
  • An informed and bilingual labor force
  • A pool of gifted and qualified experts
  • A business amicable climate
  • Particular admittance to global business sectors
  • A cutting edge and solid framework
  • A thorough and forward looking lawful system
  • A developing global business and monetary center point
  • A protected and agreeable work environment and live

Challenges of doing business in Mauritius

Challenges of doing business in Mauritius
Challenges of doing business in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most evolved nations in Africa on account of its unregulated economy approaches and alluring expense system, yet working together can be trying without having neighborhood help ready.

With probably the most elevated gross domestic product in Africa, Mauritius is a monetary fortress settled inside a prospering mainland. Based on liberal financial standards, the nation is eminent as an ideal venture objective on the world business scene, positioning in the lead position across most lists in Africa, for example, the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance and The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom.

Assembling is the predominant area in Mauritius, and with a huge, youthful and accomplished labor force, organizations discover the island economy to be an ideal base for extension. Progressive governments have improved the allure of Mauritius as a venture objective, and it is presently seen universally as a powerful, expanded and development driven economy which is helpful for business development.

However, notwithstanding the numerous allures of growing or setting up in Mauritius, the mind boggling charge, lawful and administrative climate can be hard to explore without the assistance of nearby staff

Starting a Business

Starting a Business
Starting a Business

Recently shaped organizations are needed to enlist and consolidate the business prior to looking for an organization name on the web. When this system has been finished a permit charge and enrollment with the Social Security Office is likewise required.

Dealing with Construction Permits

Due to natural contemplations, applying for development licenses can be a verbose cycle. There are a few government specialists which should be counseled, the majority of which will be needed to complete investigations before any work can start. When the entirety of the important offices have been reached, an inhabitants license will be given by the Ministry of Local Government.

Getting Electricity

Electrical associations are completed by the Central Electricity Board (CEB), which conducts outer and visual inward assessments just as standard investigations of the common works and meter establishment. The CEB doesn’t do the common work, which should be finished by an electrical temporary worker.

Registering Property

Registering Property
Registering Property

A public accountant is required while enrolling property and a land assessor is likewise expected to get ready new plans of the structure. When the deal is finished, a marked deed for the enrollment and record can be kept, concluding property enlistment.

Getting Credit and Protecting Investors

Despite the fact that there is no private authority inclusion, Mauritius positions well on any remaining files followed by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) for simplicity of getting credit. It additionally performs well no matter how you look at it as far as financial specialist insurance.

Paying Taxes

Paying Taxes
Paying Taxes

Expense rates are extremely serious in Mauritius, despite the fact that they can be somewhat troublesome. There are seven installments to be made every year which take a normal of 161 organization hours to document. Business paid commitments to the National Pension Fund (NPF) are among the most tedious angles, just as corporate personal duty – level pace of 15% – and VAT, which is charged at a similar level.

Trading Across Borders

As an island economy, worldwide exchange is an urgent part of business strategy.

The expense of sending out and bringing in merchandise is exceptionally modest, in spite of the fact that it can require some investment for products to get across outskirts.

Enforcing Contracts

It assumes control for more than two years to authorize contracts and requires exploring 36 techniques. Recording and administration can take close to 30 days to finish, before the long legal cycle can start.

Resolving Insolvency

Settling indebtedness is a comparably drawn-out cycle, taking 1.7 years to finish. The recuperation rate is additionally very low, despite the fact that it is higher than different economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Mauritians favor formal business relations and are more worried about the subtleties than turning out to be companions with accomplices. Business cards, handouts, and value records should be utilized, and make certain to be dependable in gatherings. There are frequently a variety of particular positions and divisions inside the business and the more extensive economy, so use snacks and suppers to organize. It’s a long discussion about opportunities and challenges for doing business in Mauritius. We hope it will help you a lot to take the decision to set up a business there.

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